Servant Groups


Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.

– Jesus

Following Jesus is a journey that leads us to greater depth in our love for God and each other.  It calls us out of the rugged individualism of our culture and into life within a servant community.   But how do we grow in depth in these areas?  How do we move from “I” to “we” in our discipleship? That is the purpose of Servant Groups.

Servants groups are groups of 8 – 12 folks that gather regularly for the purpose of growing deeper in faithfulness to Jesus, connection with one another, and service to those around them.  Key aspects of Servant groups are;

  • Regular times of service within the community.
  • Regular times of scripture study and discussion.
  • Regular times of prayer and support.
  • Regular times of eating together and celebration.

All Servant Groups are open and welcome new members throughout the year.  One of our current groups even includes children so the whole family can participate together.

Lest you think Servant Groups are just about meetings, they aren’t.  The relationships forged in group settings spill over into support, mutual care-giving and relationships in every season of life.  People in Servant Groups report that when they are in need or want to celebrate, their Servant Group is the first group to gather around them!

Servant Groups may not have many people but they are not “small”!

– Associate Pastor, Jon Byler

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