Following Jesus


As followers of Jesus, we all begin our journey as novices.  We make a decision to follow Jesus in this life.  At that point, our life changes for eternity and so does the purpose of our life now.  As followers of Jesus, now the purpose of life is to grow in faithful obedience to His teaching and model.  Some people call this process of growth over time spiritual formation.

Spiritual formation happens in many ways.  It happens in worship and ritual.  It happens through communion and footwashing.  It happens in Bible studies and servant groups.  It happens at home, in prayer and personal study.  It happens through service, lending a hand to a neighbor, walking with someone in need, letting others help you.  It happens through giving a voice to the voiceless and empowering the powerless.  It happens when you stand against that which kills, steals and destroys.  It happens when you stand with life. It happens when you gather with a more mature follower of Jesus for guidance and direction. It doesn’t happen by accident.

Spiritual formation happens when we make intentional decisions to do particular things, submitting our will and way to the will and way of Jesus.   At Metamora Mennonite Church we have regular activities that provide a framework for spiritual formation; worship, communion, Sunday school, servant groups, teaching events, mentoring, potlucks (yes, these are deeply spiritual), shared meals (also deeply spiritual) and pastoral care.

This rhythm of church participation creates an “action – reflection” mode of spiritual formation.  We are in the world, as followers of Jesus, living out his will and way.  We are with one another to reflect on our experiences, engage the scriptures, and get support and guidance to go into the world again, practicing and acting on our faith.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, we would love to journey with you!