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It is winter.  We feel it in the sting of cold, in slippery roads, in rising heat bills, and in the need for snow shovels.  Yet, there are gifts in winter.  One of the gifts of winter is beauty.

This winter, the snow has been powdery.  The sunrises and sunsets have been brilliant.  One December sunrise even graced us with a partial rainbow rising out of the snow.   The air has been bracing, even though tolerable for only a short time.   The coyote and deer are easy to spot against the white and the leafless forest.  Much beauty.

We notice and care for this beauty because God does.  God created it all and in the book of Genesis pronounces it “good”.  Referring to Christ, Colossians 1 tells us that all things created, “absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible… everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him.”

God speaks to us through the natural world.  Poet Mary Oliver writes,

Oh, feed me this day, Holy Spirit,

With the fragrance of the fields and the

Freshness of the oceans,

Which you have made.

Do we care for Creation?  How do we care?  We hope to address these questions and to be encouraged by our own stories of creation care in an elective Sunday School class beginning this Sunday, January 14.

This class will meet for seven weeks.  A key component will be engaging with stories, maps, and video from those among us here in Central Illinois.  We will use material from the Mennonite Creation Care Network to think more deeply about how to engage right where we live.  Please join us in the classroom next to the kitchen.  If you have a story to tell, contact Jeanne or Ron Sears.