The Critical Journey

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Have you ever found yourself asking the question:  Where exactly am I?

Perhaps another question:  Where exactly is God?

Today we begin a new adult Sunday School class that will be a 8-10 week journey together as we slowly engage with the book The Critical Journey by Janet Hagberg and Robert Guelich.  I had the blessing of reading this book roughly four years ago and I am excited to pick it up again with my new church family.

In the first chapter of the book we read, “This is a book especially for those who want to be or are on the spiritual quest for a greater realization of God in their lives.”  This is a great summary of what the book is about and this statement has weight when considered in the realm of spiritual formation.

I remember my first time through this book thinking a couple of different things:

“Ok good, I am not alone in that thought or question.”

“Wow, being stuck in my journey of faith is a common occurrence and I am not doing anything wrong.”

“Finally, someone is naming what I have been sensing over the past 3-4 years in my spiritual life.”

It describes the 6 stages in the life of faith as well as the markers or indicators that would signify motion or movement in the spiritual journey.  Here are the stages briefly:

Stage 1 – The Recognition of God

Stage 2 – The Life of Discipleship

Stage 3 – The Productive Life

Stage 4 – The Journey Inward

Stage 5 – The Journey Outward

Stage 6 – The Life of Love

And we can’t forget about the thing referred to by the authors as “the wall.”  This is such a good read and Ron Sears and I are so excited to take you through it for the first time!  Hope you can join us!

grace and peace,