“GETTING  TO KNOW YOU.  .  .   .”

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Seven years ago I began to serve as an elder at MMC.  Here is what I’ve learned about who we are:  We are extraordinarily generous.  Several years ago I was called upstairs from a congregational gathering, to meet with a Hispanic family requesting assistance.  Without much vetting of this family, you gave over $400 simply because you were asked.

We are a remarkable mix of old and new, both in terms of age and tradition.  After reading LIVING STONES, I understand better some of the interconnectedness that surfaces at funerals. (One of the hardest parts of these years has been saying ‘Goodbye!’ to so many.) At the same time, we have been able to embrace new people, including a pastor, who do not share that history. Both our guests from Colombia and the recent visiting congregation from Peoria have experienced hospitality at MMC.

We are a congregation now faced with great opportunities.  At a time when our country, state and community are divided over how to raise and spend money, how to welcome the stranger, how to disagree with grace, how to build peace with justice, it is our challenge to model an alternative with “Christ as the center of our faith, community as the center of our life and reconciliation as the center of our work.”  May it be so!!

David Ewert